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Gang Hua

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[Vision Lab][Teaching] @Stevens Institute of Technology

CS 598 Visual Information Retrieval

Term: Spring 201
Prof. Gang Hua
Monday 6:15pm – 8:45pm
Building/Room: McLean Chemical Sciences Building 414 
Office Hour
: Wednesday 4:00pm—5:00pm by appointment
Office Hour Location: Lieb Building/Room 305
Course Assistant:
Haoxiang Li
Course Website

Course Overview:
Visual information retrieval studies the processing, indexing, querying, organization, classification, search, and browsing of visual information from images, videos, and other new emerging visual media. This course will cover traditional techniques as well as recent advances in visual information retrieval, especially under the context of web-scale image and video search. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge on state-of-the-art algorithms and technologies to transform unstructured visual data into structured representation for indexing and retrieval. These algorithms and technologies have empowered a broad range of applications in internet image and video search engine mobile augmented reality, location recognition, and online shopping, etc.

CS 182 or CS 385 or CS 590, or per instructor’s permission

Text Books:
None (see a list of suggested online references below)

The students will be graded based on course participation (10%), one written homework 10%, 4 Course Projects ( Project #1 -- 10%, Project #2--10%, Project #3 -- 15%, Project #4 -- 15% ) and a Final Project 30% (15% system demo, 15% final report). All projects will be team project. The final project will be based on the first 4 project. Final grade: A-- 90% to 100%; B--80% to 89%; C-- 70% to 79%; D--60% to 69%; F -- < 60% .





Suggested Reading





Introduction to Computer Vision

Ref. [1-2]

HW#1 & Teaming report

Lecture I

2 01/27/2014 No class (Prof. Hua is Traveling)  
3 02/03/2014 Class canceled due to snow storm      



Representation: color, shape, and texture [4-7] HW#1 Due, Project I out Lecture II



Representation: invariant local descriptor

[8-13]   Lecture III
6 02/24/2014

Representation: feature coding and pooling


Project I due, Project II out

Lecture IV



Representation: attributes and semantics [20-22]   Lecture V



No class (Spring break)  
8 03/17/2014

Indexing: hashing


Project II due, Project III out

Guest Lecture by Dr. Wei Liu (IBM Research)



Spatiotemporal visual representation

[27-28] Lecture VII


04/01/2014 Indexing: TF-IDF, and inverted file [29] Project III due, Project IV out Lecture VIII



Indexing: words and pictures


  Lecture IX



Retrieval: User Interaction

[3] Project IV due, Final Project out

Lecture X



Case study: IBM Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval System TBA  

Guest Lecture by Dr. John R. Smith (IBM Research)



Case study: sky search TBA



Final Presentation and Competition & Final Report Due

Final Project Due

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