Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Gang Hua

Gang Hua, Ph.D.

Vice President and Chief Scientist

Wormpex AI Research

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[Vision Lab][Teaching] @Stevens Institute of Technology

Mission Statement:

The research in the computer vision lab, directed by Prof. Gang Hua, can largely be grouped into three themes: human centered visual computing, big visual data analytics, and vision based cyber-physical systems, which study the interconnections and synergies among the visual data, the semantic and situated context, and the users in the expanded physical world. Our goal is to research on enabling technologies and systems to facilitate transforming the massive amount of unstructured real-world visual data into structured knowledge, with humans in the loop and to facilitate people's daily life.

Ph.D. Students:

Haoxiang Chengjiang Qilin Mohammed Kutbi
Haoxiang Li Chengjiang Long Qilin Zhang Mohammed Kutbi
Spring 2012-Spring 2016 Spring 2012-Fall 2015 Fall 2012-Summer 2016 Spring 2014-

M.S. Students:

Yizhou Yang Lishuo Wei  
Yizhou Lin Yang Wang Lishuo Zhuang Wei Wang  
Fall 2012-Fall 2013 Fall 2011- Fall 2012 Fall 2012-Spring 2013 Fall 2013  

Visiting Scholars:

Prof. Chenyang Ge        
Xi'an Jiaotong University        

Visiting Ph.D. Students:

Le  Ranyang  
Le Wang Lingyan Ran  
Xi'an Jiaotong University Northwestern Polytechnic  
09/2013-03/2014 10/2013-09/2015  


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 National Natural Science Foundation of China  Stevens Institute of Technology        

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